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Harold Mozell

Harry Mozell is a recently retired instructor of English as a Second Language (ESL) which he taught in Southern California at Coastline Community College and the Huntington Beach Adult School. He is a beloved evangelist, encourager, and musician who has served with Chosen People Ministries and Jews For Jesus. He has taught children and adults the Bible for 50 years.

Being from a musical family, he has learned to play tenor banjo, 5 string banjo, mandolin, and guitar. He is presently attending Shuvah Yisrael Messianic Congregation in Irvine, CA and is a part of the worship team and teaches in the Shabbat School.

Harry also has spent the last 10 years writing a book. It is entitled, Reasoning Together, a personal account of Isaiah Chapters 1 through 12. Reasoning Together is not only a considerable study but also, in a sense, a heartfelt autobiography where life’s experiences are interwoven into the fabric of the text. It is filled with Jewish humor and also sincere and practical advice for the inquiring reader.

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