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Rough and Sqeaky

According to Chris Bolton in his post, “How to Write a Website Bio That Rocks”, we have come up with the following for our bio, “Rough and Squeaky”.

Rough and Squeaky is a band that blends Jewish style klezmer music with Christian messages. They aim to help people relax, loosen up, enjoy a little humor, and experience their unique sound.

The band comprises Hardy Stewart, Dave Ham, Harry Mozell, and James. Hardy and Harry have been friends since the late 1900s, and they both have bizarre musical interests. Dave, the drummer, came later. He and Hardy met at a Veteran’s Hospital after serving in Vietnam. James is the newest member of the band, and he adds a soft, pure voice to their normally rough and squeaky style.

Rough and Squeaky have had some major accomplishments. They toured with the Jews for Jesus Singers for a while, and Harry set a world record for playing one note on the mandolin for 5 days straight. They are a talented and unique band, and they are sure to entertain and inspire audiences of all ages.

Rough and Squeaky band photo sketch



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